Hi, there!


I'm Rebecca Koegel.  Mother, Photographer, Lawyer, Writer, Encourager.  Authentic and emotional person who loves connecting with others, true expression in art, and supporting others in following their heart and doing what they love.  

I graduated from DePaul University College of Law in 2003 with a focus in Art & Museum Law.  After practicing commercial litigation, business law, and mergers & acquisitions at large multinational law firms for 8 years, I left the corporate world to explore and grow my own creative expression while building a portrait photography business.  

During that time, I noticed there was a need for additional resources for creatives in regards to starting and running a business.  Shortly thereafter, in 2012, I founded CreatePro Legal Forms, offering form legal contracts to photographers, to help them build a solid foundation on which to grow their dream business.  

I have always had artistic inclinations and been drawn to artistic endeavors, moved by art, literature, music, movies, and the like.  And I believe the world needs more of it, so I applaud you for your desire to live out your dreams and in taking the action necessary to get there.  My goal is to help as many people as possible follow their dreams and make a living pursuing their own creative and artistic endeavors.

Take a look around the shop for the forms you need in your business.  If you live in Florida, where I am licensed to practice law, and would like assistance with the legal side of your business, please connect!  I'd love to assist you on your journey! 

From one CreatePro to another,