RELAUNCH! Where have I been?!

I originally launched CreatePro Legal Forms over 5 years ago!  It's crazy to me how fast that time has gone!!  I've been a lawyer since 2003.  I left the large law firm I was practicing with almost 6 years ago to focus on being a portrait photographer, specializing in newborns and families, as well as helping creative professionals, like yourself, have a strong legal foundation with professional and well-written client agreements. I have also been working with individual photographers and other creative professionals to get their businesses started here in Florida.  What I was not prepared for, was how much effort, time, and mental energy it took to balance the two careers to make sure they each got the attention they deserved.  It was like a right-brain left-brain flip flop on a daily and weekly basis.  I slowly started focusing all of my energy on photography, as my business grew quickly and required the most attention, and I lost track and sight of my CreatePro Legal Forms website and desire to assist other creative professionals in their mission to live a creative life doing the work they love.  I was also focusing a lot on my family and young children during that time, and the forms took a back seat.  

Now that my kids are a bit older and I have more time, as I have gotten my photography business right where I want it, I have a renewed passion for encouraging and supporting people as they endeavor to live the exact life they desire to live - and if you want to be a professional photographer, gifting your clients and the world with your passion and creative spark, then I am here to support you in doing so.

So, What's New?

Business Creation + Mentoring.  If you live in Florida, let's work together!  I will assess your business to see what's missing and advise you on what needs to be done to make sure you have a strong legal foundation, ya know, the stuff that sometimes isn't that much fun!  And then you can focus your energy on the good stuff, creating art!

Updated Forms.  All of the forms have been updated as of October 2017 to contain the experience, feedback, and industry knowledge I have gained as a working professional photographer for over 6 years now.  

Instructional Videos. Instructional videos will be rolled out over the next few weeks after relaunch.  Enhancing the instructions already included with each form, the videos will go over what each paragraph means and how to customize the form for how you need it.

Freebies.  From downloads to giveaways, who doesn't love freebies?!

Inspirational Material.  Building your dream photography business can sometimes feel overwhelming and daunting, so I'll be sharing insights, encouragement, and inspiration on how to grow your best business and build your best life.  

So glad to be back and happy to have you here!  



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