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When you need multiple forms for the type of photography you offer (portraits vs. weddings), check out our bundles! Save money while covering all of your form needs!


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Rebecca is licensed to practice in the State of Florida, and can work one-on-one for business mentoring and legal work to build your photography business on a strong foundation.


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5 Reasons Why Photographers Should Use Client Contracts

5 Reasons Why Photographers Should Use Client Contracts

You’ve spent months and years learning the craft, getting to know your camera inside and out, diving deep into your passion to formulate your own ...


Rebecca is awesome to work with.  I use all of her legal forms in my business.  They are easily customizable to fit your business and policies.  She's even drafted other legal forms for me as well.  I can't say enough wonderful things about Rebecca and I highly recommend CreatePro Legal Forms for your photography business!

Tiffani Jones,

Rebecca was great to work with, she was able to customize our contracts to fit our specific business needs.  We have complete confidence in our contracts now, we know that not only are we protected but so are our clients. 

Ashley Van Zandt,

Rebecca assisted me in setting up my LLC and supplied the documents needed for me to elevate myself as a professional in what can often be a hobby-type career. Her legal advice, contracts, and knowledge helped me expedite the process when setting up my business-client relations system. I could not have gotten off to a better start with my photography business. Happy client.

Kathy Thomas,